Strength Finder Reflection

My top 5 key strengths are: Learner, Responsibility, Input, Adaptability, and Strategic. Learner means, I love to learn and I want to keep improving. I am more excited on learning throughout the process rather than the outcome. Responsibility means I am loyal and honest and if I commit to completing something I will get it done. Input means I am great at accumulating information, ideas, artifacts, and relationships. Adaptability means I go with the flow and focus on the present and take things as I go. I discover my future one day at a time. Strategic means I am great at coming up with alternate ideas and discovering patterns and issues. Many of the personalized descriptions stood out to me but a few were: The more you reflect on what you know, the more problems begin to reveal themselves, and eventually solutions start taking shape in your mind, You might be motivated to behave in ways that cause individuals to say you are dependable, “By nature, you absorb the written word like a sponge sops up water. You revel in an opportunity to lose yourself in a book” I would like someone with similar strengths in my capstone project but honestly I like collaborating with everyone as long as they do their part and put in effort. I will definitely use all my strengths as a leader during capstone but I think the most prominent ones will be Responsibility and Strategic. Being a leader requires a lot of responsibility because you have to be aware of everything that is going on in the project and with your teammates as well.  I think that being strategic is really important when it comes to creating something for a whole community. My strategic strength is important to have as a leader and a teammate. As a teammate I will use my Learner strength when we are researching about our project and everything that should come with it. I will use my input strength to voice my ideas and opinions when deciding what our project will be like. Finally I will use my adaptability strength in any case that one of our ideas doesn’t work out. I would like my teammates to lean on me for my responsibility and learner themes. I don’t think any of my themes surprised me because I feel like they describe me very well. 


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