Dear Pulitzer Prize Board

July 18, 2018


Jacqueline Avila

2206 Prather Lane

Austin, TX 78704


Pulitzer Prize Judging Board

2206 Prather Lane

Austin, 78704


Dear Pulitzer Prize Board,


Less by Andrew Sean Greer is a novel about a 49 year old gay man named Arthur Less, who gets an invitation to his ex boyfriend’s wedding. To avoid attending the wedding and because he is a novelist he accepts multiple invitations to literary events around the world. As this novelist travels around the world he begins to learn about the different countries he visits and also more about himself and what his heart desires. Less by Andrew Sean Greer was correctly selected to receive the 2018 Pulitzer Prize because it describes the life of an american gay man who has become a failed novelist in a very descriptive and comical manner, with emotions that the reader can connect to throughout the story and get a laugh out of.


In the beginning the author introduces the main character in a very descriptive way, by clearly stating what Arthur Less is wearing, giving the reader a taste of who Less is as a person. The way he describes Less gets the reader hooked to the novel automatically. Throughout the whole novel everything is clearly described, making it easier to understand and imagine what Less is going through. From the beginning Less is told to be a failed novelist who is gay and of course everyone feels pity for him because he was a successful author until his last book where he was not praised by many readers. After breaking up with many other men in the previous years and now that they have actually lived “happily”, he begins to be sad and disappointed in himself because he feels like he has failed. As Less’ story continues he knows he has gone through a lot of horrible times but there are always good outcomes when he finds the correct people to talk to and be with.


Sean Andrew Greer’s writing style is comical yet serious, that deeply describes the life of Arthur Less. The pulitzer prize board is not usually known to select comedy novels as winners. Less by Andrew Sean Greer cleary caught the attention of the board, which definitely shows that this novel was extremely well written. From a perspective that the audience can relate to in a way, this novel shows that not all books have to be very serious. Greer’s passionate writing demonstrates that he was creatively embracing the new idea of comical literature and the perspective of a gay novelist.


Less is a work of fiction that provides a relevant “American” narrative for the year of 2018 because it addresses many different themes like love, loneliness, growing old, disappointment, regret, and the LGBTQ community in the current society we live in. As Less travels the world at one point he is told by a man that he is a “bad gay.” Obviously this sticks in Less’ head throughout the rest of his journey but he asks why he is described that way. The same man tells him that every novel he has written ends up with a gay man having to suffer throughout his life is just wrong and not right but Less writes his stories from what he thinks others would picture in a happy ending. This sticks with Less throughout his travelling and he starts to discover that maybe his book should have the correct happy ending he imagines. In today’s society the LGBTQ community is growing and being more respected than it has been in the previous years. The novel being written from the perspective of a gay man definitely comes to show that people have become more open minded and respectful.


This romantic comedy is filled with the reality of life, stating that sometimes stories do not have the happy endings one may think but throughout the journey of life and as one gets older they learn from their mistakes and continue to learn more about themselves. Less by Andrew Sean Greer is a story about learning to love oneself and continuing to accept things you may not want to accept because as Arthur Less traveled around the world he discovered his own happiness even if it may not have been the one others expected. It is truly about how as one grows older, they become more wise.




Jacqueline Avila


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