College Essay

My mom has always told me to seize an opportunity because you can only learn from them. Being the daughter of a strong independent women who traveled to the United States at a young age makes me feel special. She has and will continue to make me me the person that I am. She has … More College Essay

The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison Argumentative Essay by Jacqueline Avila

Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye depicts the way a child is mistreated, which can affect them psychologically throughout their lives. Throughout the entire book Claudia Breedlove seems to be the narrator, thoroughly explaining the story of Pecola Breedlove who is the main protagonist. Pecola is described as ugly and is mostly left to be on … More The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison Argumentative Essay by Jacqueline Avila

With Wealth

In the novel, The Great Gatsby demonstrates the consequences of wealth throughout the book. Fitzgerald writes about the lives of the wealthy living in New York by criticizing their social hierarchy, the use of materialism, and their carelessness. In The Great Gatsby, status is viewed as one of the key elements that is used throughout … More With Wealth

Losing Health

Ozone Pollution affects the air we breathe in everyday, worsening the air pollution problem. The warmer temperatures begin to “create conditions conductive to smog formation and lead air to stagnate, keeping dirty air from leaving a given area.”(Worland Time 2018) Climate change is not only affecting the increasing temperatures on the planet but it is … More Losing Health

It’s for driving

It had taken me several weeks in order to prepare for the big day. I had spent multiple hours sitting in a small classroom along with my sister and other teenagers. Completely focused on the television screen, afraid to miss something because there were definitely no retakes on tests about driving. I think that I … More It’s for driving

It’s for driving

  I sat in the car anxiously, thinking that maybe we were not going to get there on time. I started recalling all the bad scenarios that could happen while we were there; we must have forgotten something or it would never be our turn. There came a lot of responsibility when trying to get … More It’s for driving

From The Past

As I sat on the cold, blue charter bus I stared out onto the Rio Grande. It was early enough in the morning, the moon was still in the sky, illuminating on the large river. I was taken back to the multiple stories of experiences that I have been told or have read. “We walked … More From The Past